Celebrating 100th Anniversary of Grace Hospital


Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare is celebrating a century.

It is marking the 100th anniversary of Grace Hospital, which used to be located at University and Crawford until it was torn down in 2013.

The hospital housed an obstetrics unit, intensive care, surgical, medical unit and renal dialysis.

The actual hospital closed in 2004 during hospital restructuring.

Ethel Dodman was a nurse at Grace until she retired in 1994.

Speaking on the Afternoon News, the President of the Grace Hospital Alumni Association says the staff were a close knit community.

"I think it was the family atmosphere that everybody had and we were all like one big happy family, although we had our ups and our downs and our ins and our outs."

She says there was a lot of history in the building.

"When we were in training, we wore blue and pink uniforms with bibs and aprons, cuffs and collars, which were a little uncomfortable at times as well our white caps, white shoes and white nylons."

Dodman remembers a fire in 1960 that destroyed a large section of the hospital.

"One big thing was the fire at Grace, I was still a student at that point so it was just June before I graduated, actually I had graduated but I had to put in time, so they had to send a lot of babies and moms home, it was in the north wing which eventually got rebuilt."

A new five-story wing also opened at Grace Hospital in September 1966.  

The hospital is marking the anniversary with an open house on Saturday, February 8 from 10:30am to 3pm at the Tayfour Building at the west end campus.

Dodman points out the retirees from Grace Hospital still get together once a month to reminisce about the 'ole days.'

— with files from AM800's Patty Handysides