cGaming Centre looking to move to Lakeshore


A potential first for the Municipality of Lakeshore.

Lakeshore council will hear the latest Tuesday night on a proposal to relocate a charitable gaming centre (cGaming) from Tecumseh to Lakeshore.

According to a staff report, the municipality recently received a proposal from the Community Gaming and Entertainment Group to relocate the Power Play Gaming Centre from Desro Drive in Tecumseh to 446 Advance Boulevard in Lakeshore.

Councillor Steven Wilder represents the area and says the proposed relocation is still in the early stages of the process.

He says this is the first time the proposed relocation is coming to council.

"The first kind of details of it are coming to council tonight and then the plan is to schedule a public input session where the public can come, see the plans, get more details, provide comments on the proposal and then following that it would likely come back to council for approval or further direction," he says.  

Wilder believes this is would be the first cGaming site in Lakeshore.

"It's my understanding it would be the first time Lakeshore has ever had a cGaming site, so it would be a first one of its kind," says Wilder.  "If it is to go through, there's I think a bylaw amendment that needs to be put in just to allow for them."    

Wilder says council is being asked to direct administration to schedule a public meeting next month to discuss the proposed relocation.

The Power Play Gaming Centre, formerly known as Classic III Bingo Hall received approval for cGaming in 2019 and has been operating as a cGaming site since 2020.