Chamber President Sees Positives in Throne Speech


The President and CEO of  the Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce says he heard a lot of positives in Wednesday's Throne Speech.

Speaking on AM800's the Dan MacDonald Show, Rakesh Naidu says he was happy to see an extension to the wage subsidy program because there are still a lot of people and businesses that need help.

"I think there is a recognition that the economy and the business community needs support, we are not yet out of the woods," he says. "It's inline with that realization that more needs to be done and we need to continue with the support that is in place."

Naidu says the reality is, many local businesses are still struggling because of COVID-19.

"Many businesses haven't yet reached a point of being fully sustainable, many businesses haven't yet fully opened and have recovered so I think the support is very much needed."

Another positive that Naidu points out that could help local businesses in the long run is talk of a national childcare strategy.

"Even though schools have reopened, in may cases children are studying remotely and from home so it has become a major challenge for parents to balance both home and work and in many cases," he says, "Employees have not been able to go back."

The new hybrid model of the House of Commons is underway Thursday with a small number of MPs in Parliament and the rest taking part online.

The fate of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's minority government rests on the Liberals convincing at least one opposition party to vote in favour of the Throne Speech. The Tories have already said a flat no


— With files from The Canadian Press