Charges Not Warranted After Officer Punches Suspect Armed With Knife


The province's police watchdog is not laying any charges after investigating an incident involving Windsor police.

November 26, 2017 officers were called to a residence on a complaint of a breach of a bail condition.

The suspect had been ordered not to consume alcohol and residents in the home reported the man was intoxicated.

The complainants also indicated the man was acting aggressively and had a knife.

A total of eleven officers responded and the man locked himself in a bathroom causing police to negotiate with him for an hour.

When that failed and the man claimed he had injected himself with insulin which hadn't been prescribed to him officers decided to enter the bathroom.

After the door was broken open they found the man in a fighting stance holding a syringe.

He tried to assault the officer who then punched the man in the face.

The suspect continued to hold on to the syringe and the officer tasered him twice before arresting and cuffing him.

The man was taken to hospital and given stitches on his nose and an X-ray showed a bone break, but did not confirm when it happened.

The Special Investigations Unit determined the officer had used reasonable force and no charges are being laid.