Charges Withdrawn in Fatal Dog Attack


An update on a fatal dog attack in downtown Windsor. 

Joe McParland's greyhound "Vici" died back on May 1st after being mauled by a pitbull type dog named "Karma" on Ouellette Ave. back in April.

In a Facebook post, he claims the owner of the other dog involved was killed in an apartment fire on Ouellette at Hanna last month. 

McParland says John Scenna was schedule to plead guilty to an assault charge laid in connection with the attack in court next week, but the charge will be withdrawn as a result. 

"I had three different people contact me just recently to indicate that, that was Mr. Scenna who perished in the fire and he was owner of Karma the pitbull that attacked and killed my dog back in April," says McParland.   

He now plans to address the issue of dog attacks at a meeting later this month. 

"I'll be meeting with the city, the police, the humane society on the 25th of November to try and resolve some of the existing oversight in enforcement issues regarding the provincial and municipal laws dealing with dangerous dogs," says McParland.       

- with files from AM800's Peter Langille and Rob Hindi