City Against Cannabis Application for Downtown Store


The city is opposing the application for a cannabis store in downtown Windsor.

Revitalization & Policy Initiatives Planner George Robinson says the city along with some of its partners went through a detailed review of the application, for the proposed cannabis store at 545 Ouellette Ave. near Wyandotte St.

He says even though the city decided to opt-in last January, it does not support this particular location.

Robinson says Windsor police along with the local health unit have shared some concerns.

"The basic factor is there's some concerns around the immediate health and safety of this site," says Robinson.  "The police department has some concerns regarding the alley, lighting, there are some design elements that need to be addressed with this licencing application."

Robinson says there will be a public comment period on the application for 15-days

"Some of them received from the public, some of them received by the city and then they may decide to approve or they may decide to refuse the application or they may attract some conditions to it," says Robinson.  "The city is hoping if they do approve the application that they do take comments from the police department, in terms of the physical design of the store into consideration and perhaps make those of the approval."   

He says the city has sent its opposition to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.

"In this case the city doesn't actually have final approval authority over a particular location, we just provide comments to the AGCO and they make that final determination," says Robinson.   

Robinson says the store cannot open until the AGCO gives final approval on the application.

Back in August, the AGCO held a second lottery for cannabis retail shops where a Windsor application was selected.

Kirk Anastasiadis, a London bar owner, was the applicant.

He had plans to open Rose City Cannabis by November 1st.