City Approves $3-M in Brownfield Grants for West Windsor Development


A $35-million development in west Windsor got a boost from city council.

The project will see a six storey 148-unit residential building and commercial space incorporating two historical buildings at 1200 University W., but more than 2,200 cubic metres of contaminated industrial soil needs to be removed from the property.

Council agreed to give the company a $3-million grant under the city's Brownfield Rehabilitation Program for soil remediation Monday night.

AIPL Canada's Dalvinder Singh says the grant program was a big selling point for the Toronto based company.

"Given what construction and land cost are, you can't do too much on that front. So these grants can make a lot of difference to the financial feasibility of the project and drive the project forward," he says. "We've been working on this project for about two years now, with our architect, with local planners, just to make this happen."

He hopes the project breathes life into the neighbourhood.

"We've named this project Graffiti. It's a mixed use development where different retail users come together to create and build a community," says Singh. "We're really looking at this as a destination for the city of Windsor where people would flock."

Singh tells AM800 News the soil remediation is nearly complete.

He says the project will still need some planning approvals, but the group hopes to have construction underway by the spring.