City Asking for Ideas on Bradley Park Improvements


A park in the heart of Sandwich Town is set to get a facelift.

The community has been visiting Bradley Park for more than 80-years and is now being asked to contribute ideas toward its renewal.

While funding for the project isn't scheduled to be released until 2025, Ward 2 councillor Fabio Costante has opted to use ward funds for short-term improvements which are slated to begin later this year.

He says the park needs some work.

"When I got onto council and after much consultation with the community and stakeholders I made Bradley Park a priority given its vicinity to so many families in the Sandwich Town community, the history of the park and the potential that the park has to really be a vibrant, activated park," he says.

Costante says he's looking forward to hearing from residents.

"The spirit of this public consultation is twofold," says Costante.  "One is what would you like to see in the park long-term?. That will really speak to the capital dollars that council has earmarked. And what would you like to see this year, frankly? And that is directly tied to my ward funds."

He adds residents have several options to consider.

"Ideas like a basketball court, a soccer field, a gazebo, better lighting or benches," he says.  "What are some things you would like to see in the immediate? So I'm looking forward to the community consultation on this and I think this is a great, positive news story for today."

Conceptual designs and videos are available on the city's website and residents are encouraged to fill out a survey before it closes March 5.

Bradley Park is a 2.6-acre neighbourhood park located on Cross St. in west Windsor.

- with files from AM800's Rob Hindi