City Breaks Ground on New Jackson Park Greenhouse


A new state-of-the-art greenhouse is going up in Windsor's Jackson Park.

The $7.5-million facility will replace the nearly 100-year-old greenhouses at Lanspeary Park and will serve as the new home for the city's Horticulture Department.

Ward 3 councillor Rino Bortolin says the expanded space will allow the city to be more self-sufficient by growing its own plants resulting in an estimated annual savings of $76,000.

He says it's going to be a great addition to an already amazing park.

"It's a great project on a lot of levels, but I love also the fact that it's sort of adding a really unique and new component to Jackson Park. I like to think that Jackson Park is our equivalent to Central Park. I think it adds a really unique and different type of venue for that park."

Bortolin says the new complex will also act as an education centre for students and gardening clubs.

"The addition of the unique space where community groups, school groups will be able to come in through all four seasons, because it will be heated, offers a really unique learning experience and things for classrooms and different classes to come in and experience it all year round. It becomes an attraction in and of itself."

He says this will bring a whole new aspect to the city's annual plant sale.

"One of the most popular municipal events is the annual plant sale that happens at Lanspeary Park. Often times there's lineups that go around the corner, people are lined up early in the morning. So what this does is it increases the size of the greenhouse so that we'll have more plants, more space."

Local firm Glos Associates were the architects while Matassa Incorporated from Oldcastle is set to build the 22,000-square-foot complex which is expected to open in September 2022.

— with files from AM800's Rob Hindi