City Commits to New Adie Knox Community Centre But Will Close Pool


Some good and bad news for the neighbourhood around the Adie Knox Herman Recreation Complex.

Ward 2 councillor Fabio Costante is calling the plan bittersweet as residents will be getting a new community centre, but will have to say goodbye to the pool they've been fighting to keep open for years.

After a lengthy debate Monday afternoon, council voted to commit $29-million to renovate the complex while also opting to shift aquatic programming to the University of Windsor's new pool as a cost saving measure.

Costante says he would have liked to get more information before agreeing to the pool closure.

"What was presented before us wasn't clear cut and there were a lot of elements of opportunities without a doubt, but also a lot of elements of risk and uncertainty. Then we're left to a future council to decide what amounts of funding are going to be invested in the Adie Knox repurposing."

He says the positive takeaway is the facility will be getting some much needed upgrades.

"Since I got elected I've fought for a community centre and it really stems from losing the College Avenue Community Centre back in 2011 which I think was a mistake of that council. This is a once in a generation opportunity. I could be a councillor for 30 years and never see this. So this was something that I did not want to lose."

Costante says council also approved a new splash pad and playground for the property with construction set to begin in the coming months.

"I directed administration to begin that process immediately. The reason why those two were chosen was out of the consultation those were the top two for outdoor amenities. Those were the top two that were most popular. So the thinking was let's move forward with those."

In addition to the $29-million commitment, the city will be applying for a $13-million federal grant to go toward the project which will move forward with or without the extra funding.

The pool at Adie Knox will remain open until the university's pool is ready in mid-2022.