City Committee Approves Ford City CIP


A new Ford City Community Improvement Plan has been approved by Windsor's Planning Committee.

The 121-page document includes grants to cover municipal development fees, incentives for new residential developments and tax increments for building and property improvements.

There are also grants for retail investments and neighbourhood residential rehabilitation.

Outgoing Chair of Ford City Redevelopment Committee, Marina Clemens says the plan gives hope to Ford City and its people.

"We've been struggling along time to just put things together and it's a really good roll," says Clemens.  "Good things are happening in the neighbourhood, people are excited so then to have this committee and then council hopefully say we also believe in you and we think things can really happen, I think it's a real positive for the neighbourhood." 

She feels the plan will be well received.

"This I think will provide a lot of incentives for people to say we can do this and with better lighting and some more streetscaping done just to bring some freshness to that street, I think we're going to see a lot of really cool things happen," says Clemens.        

The committee decided the $250,000 funding source for the CIP will be decided by Windsor city council.

The plan is expected to go before council next month.