City committee approves protected bike lanes along University Ave W.


A pilot project which would see protected bikes lanes along a stretch of University Ave W. has been given the green light by the city's Environment, Transportation and Public Safety Standing Committee.

The proposal from the Windsor-Essex Youth Climate Council aims to improve safety for cyclists while providing another travel option for those commuting to school or work.

This from council president Lyra Sheldon who says, as it stands now, there is not a single protected bike lane across the entire city.

She says there plenty of benefits.

"We know that protected bike lanes are much safer than painted bike lanes on the road and they're also safer for pedestrians and cars. When cyclists have a safe place to ride they're less likely to cycle on the sidewalk which can be very dangerous for pedestrians."

Sheldon says they'll be gathering data from the pilot project as well.

"University Avenue, especially, is a connector from downtown to other parts of the city. It's a major road for students. We're hoping to use the data collected by the pilot project to push for more permanent protected bike lanes hopefully all over the city."

The proposal calls for protected bike lanes along University Ave W. from the University of Windsor to Crawford Ave.

The pilot project still needs final approval from city council.

— with files from AM800's Patty Handysides