City Committee Looking at Ways to End Park Vandalism


A city committee is looking at ways to stop public art vandalism.

The Community Services and Parks Standing Committee met virtually on Wednesday to discuss the issue.

Councillor Jo-Anne Gignac sits on the committee and says a number of pieces within Windsor's Sculpture Park have been vandalized recently including the Businessman on a Horse sculpture and the Tiger sculpture.

She says both sculptures will be repaired but is disappointed they have been vandalized.

"Several years back we had a huge issue with graffiti that I think we under took a very broad public education and to remove it as quickly as possible and it made a huge difference," says Gignac.  

Gignac says the committee discussed a number of ways to stop the vandalism such as the installation of cameras and a signage campaign.


Photo courtesy: City of Windsor

She says the sculptures along the riverfront trail are a valuable asset to the community.

"If you have an opportunity to go down there and walk and enjoy that leisurely walk, looking at the various sculptures, I don't know how you have to be reminded of how important and how valuable they are," says Gignac. "It's too bad we have to do it but we have to make some moves in order to protect what is a very very valuable and well loved installation," she adds.

There are more than 100 sculptures, monuments and memorials along the riverfront trail.

Gignac says the committee has voted in favour of de-commissioning "Dino" the dinosaur sculpture and the "Triceratops" sculpture.  The issue now heads to city council for final approval.

The city has $60,000 in its annual operating budget for sculpture maintenance.

There is also a Sculpture Park trust  for annual maintenance. The balance of the fund at the end of August was $147,064.57.