City Council Approves Property Tax Relief Measures


Windsor city council has approved a tax break for its residents and business owners.

At a special council meeting on Wednesday, council decided to delay the third tax instalment from April 15 to June 30.

City CAO Onorio Colucci says the tax delay is for roughly 90 days.

"There will be no late penalty fees, no interest charges," says Colucci.  "Interest and penalties have been waived until the end of June.  Essentially people that gave us pre-authorized cheques we'll put them through unless they request us not to."

He says council and administration have been hearing from residents and business owners.

"There's some concern that they have the appropriate cash flows to take care of the more immediate needs and so council took proactive step which is quite unprecedented to free up some cash flow for those folks that maybe hurting," says Colucci.

All pre-authorized withdrawals will continue unless cancelled by the property owner.

The same will be done for post-dated cheques.

If you have any question, you're asked to email​