City Council Approves the Purchase of Six Hybrid Chrysler Pacificas


The city is buying six Windsor-built Chrysler Pacificas for its building department.

Originally the city was looking to purchase six Chevy Bolt electric vehicles but that direction was rescinded in October and in November, city council issued a Request For Proposals for hybrid minivans.

Councillor Gary Kaschak voted in favour of the recommendation and says he's pleased a local product won the bid.

"Six local minivans is a good start and I think council is on sort of a buy local path a little bit more and I'm really happy with the outcome," he says.

Kaschak says the building department needs a larger vehicle.

"The way building works, they need a little bit more room and certainly the minivan way to go was definitely welcomed and certainly buying local is important and of course I know it has to go through the tendering process like it was pointed out," he says.

Kaschak says the RFP process was followed.

"Those vehicles are going to be made further down the road at our Chrysler minivan plant and I'm hoping we can get more of that type of purchase down the road especially as we automate here and go further into hybrid and electrical vehicles," he says.

Provincial Chrysler won the bid to supply the minivans at a cost of $290,412.      
Kaschak adds he'll continue to push for local vehicles.

"Hopefully down the road we can have our whole city fleet locally made vehicles and certainly in that hybrid or electric mode as we approach that moment where that's going to happen globally," he adds.

A report to council indicates the city is eligible for a $5000 federal rebate per vehicle.