City councillor says recent incidents at Jackson Park 'a cause for concern'


A cause for concern.

That's how ward 3 city councillor Renaldo Agostino is summarizing two separate incidents at Jackson Park over the last few days.

He says as of now, it appears the two incidents are not related.

Agostino says he was made aware Friday morning about graffiti at the park where someone spray painted 'Free Palestine' on the concrete.

He says then on Sunday there was a fire, damaging a hay maze feature for this year's Bright Lights Windsor.

Agostino says there is security at the park for the Bright Lights setup.

"The graffiti was far away from where the Bright Lights set up so there's not necessarily security walking the entire park, there's security where the expected lights are."

Agostino says he's paying close attention to see if the fire will cause a delay to the opening of Bright Lights.

"Bright lights is loved by everyone in the city and Jackson Park is loved by everyone in the city and I guess we'll see what the investigation brings forward," Agostino said.

Agostino says it was difficult to see a fire at the park.

"Jackson Park is certainly a safe place to be and incidents like this are very very very rare, just happens to be that those two incidents in one park within a few days."

The cause of the fire was listed as undetermined and damage is estimated at $100,000.

There were no injuries.


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