City councillor wants 12-month light program for downtown core


A Windsor city councillor is looking to brighten up the downtown core.

Ward 3's Renaldo Agostino wants to see a 12-month LED light program from Riverside Drive including the river front, down Ouellette Avenue to Jackson Park.

He says light programs are done in other cities and says the lights would change colours depending on the season or holidays.

Agostino made the request Wednesday morning during the Community Services Standing Committee meeting, where committee members received administration's report on Bright Lights.

The report highlighted it's not feasible at this time to move Bright Lights from Jackson Park to the downtown core for a number of reasons including safety, security and infrastructure.

Agostino says he's looking for something similar to WIFF alley.

"If we can do WIFF alley starting at Riverside Drive that connects the river front to the downtown core with LED lights that will change colours in each type of season for example, if you came downtown during Valentine's Day or the time period within Valentine's Day we'll turn out downtown pink and white it would look absolutely gorgeous," says Agostino.  "If you came down on St. Patrick's Day we would do the green."

AM800-News-WIFF Alley-2

Movie references are depicted as part of art work and murals added to an alley in downtown Windsor, between Chatham St. and University Ave. W., now known as the 'WIFF Alley.' November 1, 2019 (Photo by Teresinha Medeiros)

He says he has been talking to downtown residents about his idea.

"I've been pushing this plan with them for years and they're all supportive of it because they see it not only as something an entertainment driver, a people driver, something that can reinvigorate the neighbourhood, they also see it as a safety thing where downtown is lit up at night and more lights means more safety," he says.     

Agostino has asked city administration for a report on what it would take to create a 12-month light program for downtown Windsor.