City Goes After Government Funding


The City of Windsor is looking to the upper levels of government for some cash.

As you've heard on AM800 News, Amherstburg recently submitted a grant application to fulfill many item's on the town's wish list, and now Windsor is looking to do the same.

A special meeting of council was held on Wednesday to go over the details of its request as part of the "Investing in Canada Infrastructure" program.

Mayor Drew Dilkens says the city is focused on improving downtown by building a continuous connection from the new City Hall to the various riverfront parks.

He tells AM800 News the application is for $57-million and the city will have to come up with a portion of the funds.

"In my 13 years here, both as a councillor and as mayor, we have never missed an opportunity to have a dollar matched with three more dollars, so in this particular case we'd have to put $20-million up, but that's only a quarter of the entire project," he says.  "The rest of it would be funded by both the federal and provincial government."

With regards to the $20-million the city would have to pay, Dilkens says that money won't be pulled from other projects.

"The $20-million would come from money set aside for the Paul Martin building already and there's already money in the seven year capital budget to deal with some of the items that we're interested in doing," he says.

The project being submitted for the grant is made up of six sub-projects that includes connecting the site of the old City Hall to Riverside Dr.

"With a crossing, a pedestrian crossing, at grade crossing at Riverside Dr. and down to the waterfront and then move your way west," says Dilkens. "Through Great West Park, through Festival Plaza with improvements at Festival Plaza, Great West Park and then leading to the Walkerville area."

The application is due November 12th and municipalities will have to wait until spring or summer of 2020 to find out which applications were successful.