City Looking to Replace Some Vehicles


A Windsor city councillor wants more information before approving the purchase of 12 new vehicles for the bylaw enforcement division.

Fred Francis wants to know more about the vehicles that are getting replaced.

He wants to know the conditions of the vehicles along with their mileage before giving his stamp of approval to spend about $376,000 on 12 new midsize SUVs.

"It breaks down to about $30,000 a vehicle and I think that's pretty much the going rate of a vehicle nowadays give or take, but again before we spend that amount, I need to know everything is being justified properly and I'm sure it is, but again I'd like to see it in the report," says Francis.

He adds he was surprised with the lack of details in the report to council.

"Every single dollar counts with me and before I send one dollar of tax money, I need to know all the details," says Francis.   

The issue was debated Monday before it was deferred to a future council meeting.

If approved, eight of the vehicles would be purchased this year while four will be bought in 2021.