City of Windsor Launches Emergency Childcare for School-Aged Children


The City of Windsor will be offering emergency childcare for school aged children next week.

Manager of Children's Services Dawn Bosco says the province released funding to assure front-line workers have access to free childcare while schools remain virtual from Jan. 4-8.

Bosco says a list outlining who qualifies has been posted to the province's website that includes first responders, health-care professionals and several other essential sectors.

"It is a quick turn around time, but the province felt there is a need and the city also wanted to support this to ensure the families and children in our community have a place to go for that week," she says.

Parents should get their application in as soon as possible, but Bosco says there's no firm deadline to apply.

"We're doing our very best with this short turn around time to get everyone set up for Monday, but quite certainly, if they find out on Monday they need care, they should call or do the applications and we'll do our best to get everybody set up," she added.

Bosco tells AM800 News 20 licenced childcare facilities and three licenced childcare agencies throughout Windsor-Essex are ready to go.

"Should we need more, we'll definitely put in a request to amend our plan with the ministry to fill those needs," she says.

Bosco says all applications must be processed through the city, so residents should not reach out to childcare providers directly.

More information on who qualifies and how to apply can be found at