City of Windsor Unveils Investment Map


There is a new online feature for Windsor residents in the form of a city investment map.

Speaking on AM800's the Morning Drive, Mayor Drew Dilkens says the map provides information so the public can search for neighbourhood projects along with city-wide investments.

Dilkens says the website is part of the city's plan to be open and transparent.

"Residents are always saying when are you going to do my sidewalk or street, where it is on the list  and how much have you been investing this year in this type of infrastructure," says Dilkens.  "So we've got a new tool, that we've developed at the city, that allows residents to see what investments have been made in neighbourhood or across the entire City of Windsor."

He says the investments can be filtered for specific categories.

"This all new mapping tool locates and it shares information about hundreds of capital investments that are happening in the city including projects that fell under parks, recreation, facilities, arts, culture, sidewalks and really it's just really part of our plan to be open and transparent about where your tax dollars are being spent," he added.

It will allow residents direct access to status updates, according to Dilkens.

"To be able to zoom into your neighbourhood and street and review all of the upgrades that have occurred there and we're going to continue to upgrade this portal on a regular basis so that we will have constantly evolving and updating sources of information for residents," says Dilkens.

The map can be found on the city's website under the Building Windsor’s Future section.