City Parks Manager says Enjoy the Outdoors, but Respect the Rules


Lakeview Park Marina was ready for boating season, but the City of Windsor was forced to delay its opening Saturday.

That opening couldn't happen after the province handed down tough restriction on golf courses, parks, playground equipment, courts and athletic fields and other outdoor activities to stop the spread of COVID-19 Friday.

Marina's aren't permitted under the "emergency break" order, but the boat launches will remain open, according to Senior Manager of Parks James Chacko.

And in a surprise move Saturday afternoon, Premier Doug Ford's office pulled back the order to close playgrounds.

Chako says park staff are working hard to post clear signage showing what can and can't be accessed, but if it involves a group of people together, it's likely not allowed.

"Parks are open for people to use passive recreation like walking, biking, rollerblading and those types of activities that keep you moving and not grouping or congregating," he added.

Chacko is asking everyone to enjoy the outdoors, but to respect the rules and each other.

"Be mindful that this is stressful and difficult on everyone," he says. "The parks are there so that people can continue to enjoy nature and the environment, but please do so as directed and be respectful of everybody that you come in contact with."

Lakeshore is closing its marina and boat launch in town and in Lighthouse Cove, while LaSalle's boat launch will remain open, but that could be subject to change.

Both municipalities will be keeping trails and playgrounds open, while shutting down facilities not permited under the current restrictions.

The current measures are expected to remain in place until at least May 20.

A full list of changes to city services can be found at

Chacko says the city has not recieved word from the province and will follow Friday's guidlines until an official announcement is made.