City Seeks Feedback on Latest Improvements to Forest Glade Park


The City of Windsor wants public input on the next phase of improvements for Forest Glade Optimist Park.

Close to $2.2-million in upgrades will be complete at the park when all is said and done — $800,000 of that total will be invested in resurfacing existing tennis courts and creating new pickleball courts.

Senior Parks Manager James Chacko also announced new lighting, flood mitigation and a final layer of new asphalt to the parking lot at a cost of $450,000 Friday.

Chacko says the city will be looking for feedback on the project via its website.

"So we can incorporate that feedback and make it a great amenity that can be used not only by the residents within the surrounding area of Forest Glade Park, but as it is a community park, many people will travel from other areas within the city to use the amenities," he added.

He says there are plenty of fine details the public can help shape.

"To understand what sort of amenities they'd like to see. If they'd like to see additional shade structures, trees, benches, tables, additional lighting," he says. "Lots of great information that we're looking to get back."

Ward 7 Councillor Jeewen Gill is pleased to see the next phase of the parks revitalization move forward.

"It raises the quality and type of offering at Forest Glade Optimist Park," he says. "This is what residents asked for and they deserve it."

The park on Forest Glade Drive near Wildwood Drive had new basketball courts installed at a cost of $250,000 in 2018 and a 750,000-splash pad in 2020.

Officials will be accepting feedback via an online survey until June 25.

lease contact 311 or visit our Forest Glade Optimist Park Pickleball and Tennis Court Improvements page.