City to crack down on illegal stopping and parking near Windsor schools


A crackdown is on the way to end illegal stopping and parking around schools in Windsor.

Due to a large number of complaints from people living near schools, the City of Windsor Parking Enforcement Division is planning to carry out large-scale blitzes starting next week.

The city says vehicles stopped on the street to drop off children can reduce sight lines for drivers and make walking unsafe for pedestrians.

Coordinator of Parking Services Bill Kralovensky says they visited the Forest Glade neighbourhood last week after a parent parked against the flow of traffic and blocked a driveway.

"The person was trying to get out for work, or wherever they were going, and the person dropping off their child would not let them out of their own driveway. Then the children had to cross against oncoming traffic as the father just sat there and watched. This behaviour, we just can't stand it," he said.

Kralovensky wants everyone to know they will not be handing out warnings, just tickets.

"These tickets go from $40 and all the way to $100 for blocking the flow of traffic. If you think you're going to park in the middle of the road and let the kids out, we're going to get you for $100. That being said, if you think you're going to drive away and you're not going to get a ticket, wrong. Three days later you're going to have it in your mailbox."

He says in past enforcement blitzes they gave out warnings, but not anymore.

"Please park safely for our children's sake, other children's sake and also the residence who live across from the school," he continued. "Please."

Tickets for those parking illegally range from $40 for stopping in a no-stopping zone to $100 for obstructing the flow of traffic.

The City of Windsor's Map My Neighbourhood web page has recommended walking routes and safe parking suggestions along with Tips for Walking Safely to School.