City to Open More Ice Pads in Windsor Due to High Demand

Photo of the WFCU Centre

Demand for ice time in Windsor is high, despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

But according to the city's Director of Parks and Recreation, Ray Mensour, things are looking a little different this year as we continue to navigate through pandemic restrictions

Single ice pads have been opened at the WFCU Centre and Capri Pizzeria Recreation Complex in south Windsor, and Mensour says due to high demand five of the city's nine rinks will be put into operation by Saturday, September 19.

Mensour told AM800's The Afternoon News that user groups are itching to get back on the ice.

"We've based that opening based on the demand that we've received from our organizations and from our adult users. We had done a survey earlier on and based on the results of that survey we determined that we're going to open five ice pads," he says.

Mensour says the city is doing its best to accommodate everyone.

"Due to COVID, it's an exceptional year. So this year will be a one off. Everyone will get ice time based on what's available because a lot of groups, as you can imagine, don't want to play and some of the youth groups are not getting the registrations they thought they would. Therefore, we're just going to accommodate everyone based on what we have available this year," he says.

Mensour says the city keep an eye on the situation and open more ice pads, if needed.

"We understand it's an exceptional year and some people just don't feel comfortable resuming activities at this time which is understandable. At this time it looks like we'll have ample capacity, but we'll continue to reassess the situation and open more ice pads as required," he says.

Mensour adds any user groups that choose not to play due to the pandemic won't lose their reserved ice times next season.


With files from Kristylee Varley