City to Work with School Boards and Parents on Traffic Issues Around Schools


Windsor's parking enforcement supervisor says the city will work with school boards, parents and residents to help address traffic concerns around schools.

Bill Kralovensky understands the start of the school year is different this time around compared to previous years because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We do have a heart," says Kralovensky.  "We realize these are extraordinary times and we're going to work with everybody and try to get through this altogether, make it as smooth as possible."  

He says the city is waiting on some data from the boards to see if more parents are dropping their kids off at school.

Kralovensky says the data is needed to help assist with the placement of crossing guards as well as other enforcement measures.

"We're going to be out, we're going to try and help school boards," says Kralovensky.  "We have appointments with a couple different schools early next week to get somethings going, help them where they can go."  

He's asking parents to follow the signage around the schools.

"Try to keep the traffic flowing," says Kralovensky.  "Watch the signage, we spend thousands and thousands of dollars to sign this city up nice and shiny so when you do decide to stop, please just take a couple of seconds look at the signage that's around you, if it's appropriate continue on, if not try and find the safest spot for your child to exit the vehicle."

In past years, the city held blitzes on the first day of school to remind parents about the the rules of parking, dropping off or picking up their kids from school.

Tickets were also issued to those who did not use the designated drop-off sites or parking in no-parking zones.

Some students in Windsor-Essex return to their schools on Thursday and Friday.