Coffee shop and bakery to open at LaSalle's town hall


If you're heading to LaSalle's town hall, you'll soon be able to grab a cup of coffee.

Council has approved a one year pilot project to allow Kava Cafe and Bakery to operate a satellite location at the Civic Centre.

The coffee shop is also getting close to opening a restaurant in LaSalle at the Malden Square Plaza.

Director of Strategy and Engagement for the town, Dawn Hadre, says fresh, baked goods will be offered at both locations when they're up and running.

"With their location so close to this one, the intent is that they would actually continue to run both locations when their main location is opened," she continued. "They'd be able to train staff to work at both locations and they would be able to bring baked goods from the main location over to the Civic Centre."

Hadre says the Civic Centre location will be a nice addition as more and more facilities start to reopen.

"We see this as a good pilot project to test the use of the space within the LaSalle Civic Centre. That space really hasn't been used to its potential. It's mostly unused. It would be a good addition to this site with the library opening back up, with the lobby opening back up."

She says the town is ready to work with Kava Cafe to make the Civic Centre coffee shop a success.

"We want it to be a positive addition to the LaSalle Civic Centre. So definitely we would work with them through social media to help them out as well. They can work with the library perhaps, but definitely I think that we both want it to be successful," Hadre said.

The owners of Kava Cafe and Bakery say they're aiming to open both locations by April 1.