Cogeco Bringing More High Speed Internet to Rural Kingsville


More rural residents in Kingsville will soon have access to high speed internet.

Cogeco is beginning expansion work in the area bringing fibre internet to 1,600 more homes in Windsor-Essex including more than 300 in Kingsville.

Councillor Tony Gaffan says this is great news for residents and those who run businesses from their homes.

"This is a big service for a lot of people that have home businesses or businesses that are going on right now," says Gaffan.  "So this is a big plus."

Councillor Larry Patterson says the pandemic has underlined the need for reliable internet.

"I'm extremely excited," says Patterson.  "I received quite a few phone calls and individuals have asked me over the last couple of years regarding internet service and where we're going to go with it. So bringing this forward is a huge win."

Councillor Thomas Neufeld says, whether you're a rural or urban resident, internet has become essential.

"This is a good news story that our rural residents can get access to fibre when usually the rural residents are the last ones to get any type of that kind of benefit," says Neufeld.  "So we're doing it the other way around, which is nice."

Cogeco has committed to having the work completed and services made available by March 2022.