Colder Temperatures on the way for February


Weather Network meteorologist Doug Gillham admits this year's winter forecast has gone, "a little off the rails."

Gillham told AM800's Patty Handysides, predicting the weather isn't an exact science on The Afternoon News.

Like predicting sporting events, Gillham says it just takes injuries to a few key players to change the outcome.

He says February will look a little more like winter in the region.

"We do expect that February will still be warmer than normal, probably not quite as much as January was, but normal is starting to keep up now," he says.

Gillhan says to expect a few more cold snaps before breaking out the barbeque and the lawn furniture.

"We're not going to just coast into spring. There is a lot of cold air once again across central Canada that's going to try to press into our region," says Gillham. "Overall our regions the battle zone between the warmth to the south and cold to the north."

He says residents may still need a snow blower and shovel in February.

"The active storm track could possibly still drop a decent snowfall or two, but that also means we'll also be dealing with some rain and the threat for ice as well," he added.

Gillham says several factors including ocean weather systems didn't perform as expected this year, leading to a much warmer January in Windsor-Essex.

— with files from AM800's Patty Handysides