Community Housing Corporation Loses Out On City Budget Funding


The Community Housing Corporation (CHC) did not receive the amount of money requested in the 2017 Windsor Budget, but CEO Kirk Wittal doesn't see the situation as entirely negative.

They had requested $2.3-million additional dollars, split between operating and capital needs. Council denied the $1-million in additional capital upgrades and trimmed back the operating funding increase. 

Wittal says getting the word out of their current need is important on its own.

"Just the discussion and having council take a look at the report; it was a discussion so council's now been made aware of the situation we're facing," says Wittal. "To me I think that's very successful, kind of gets the point across, and we're getting people talking about the problems and we'll see what's coming up in the next year."

Wittal says there is some encouraging discussion from the federal government that there may be funding coming for social housing programs, but the details are not clear yet.

CHC has about 9,000 residents in its units with a waiting list of around 3,000 people, which Wittal says is relatively good compared to many cities.


- with files from AM800's Zander Broeckel