Community Urged to Rethink Events Planned for Early 2021


The Medical Officer of Health for Windsor-Essex says he's optimistic with the COVID-19 vaccine roll-out but is suggesting those who have an event planned in the first half of the year, to rethink their event.

"It will take sometime and even between now and August or early September, there will be many cases and everytime when we're talking about cases, a certain portion of those cases will die," says Dr. Wajid Ahmed.   

He believes things will be better during the second half of 2021 but feels there will be many challenges during the first half of the year. 

"Hopefully late summer, early fall we maybe able to get back to a stage where majority of our residents will be vaccinated and the amount of spread that we are seeing right now, we won't see at that time for sure," he says.  

Dr. Ahmed says even with COVID-19 advancements, guidelines and recommendations will continue.

"I still anticipate there will be many challenges and people if they are planning, I think they should take that into consideration," says Dr. Ahmed.

As you heard on AM800 news Thursday morning, Tecumseh council decided to cancel the 2021 Corn Festival during budget deliberations Wednesday night.

The event was scrapped due to the pandemic and the number of uncertainties such as large gatherings, providing a safe facility and the vaccination process.