Concern Over 'Heavy Trucks' Using Residential Streets in Windsor

iStock / PinkBadger

A member of Windsor city councillor is calling for a review on heavy trucks using residential streets.

Ward 6 councillor Jo-Anne Gignac says she and her council colleagues have been receiving complaints from the public about heavy trucks using residential roadways.

Gignac says the issue is not just in her ward but throughout the entire city.

"I'm hearing from a number of council colleagues, whose wards do abut mine and even beyond that, that this is becoming an issue of concern for residents," she says.

Gignac says she's been in touch with city staff about the issue.

"They sent me a City of Windsor map with the truck routes, very clearly defined on it and of course it immediately showed me that there were huge gaps," she says.

Gignac says she has asked city administration for a report on the issue.

"It's an opportunity to review the matter in depth, look at the impact of some of these heavy trucks moving through residential neighbourhoods and make some changes," she says.

Gignac adds, when it comes to enforcement, it would be handled by Windsor police.

A report is expected to be delivered to council later this year.