Construction Begins In East Windsor Near Bald Eagles Nest (AUDIO)


Concerns are being raised now that construction has begun on a new subdivision, close to a bald eagles nest, in east Windsor.

Back in September, Windsor City Council approved the new development between Little River Road and Riverside Drive, west of Bellagio.

Ward 7 city councillor Irek Kusmierczyk has heard concerns in the past few days from residents who are worried the eagles will leave.

But he emphasizes the Ministry of Natural Resources reviewed the concerns.

"The Ministry of Natural Resources which is responsible for protecting the eagles nest basically provided the green light saying that they are well outside the 120 metre buffer zone that surrounds the nests, so the ministry provided the green light to the developers," says Kusmierczyk.

"We did hear some concerns over the last couple of days as the construction has moved forward and so I did contact our CAO Monday morning just to make sure that the developer and the construction is abiding by the rules."

The bald eagles used to be an endangered species, but it has made a comeback and it has been delisted.


Bald eagle nesting in a tree near Little River, south of Wyandotte (photo courtesy Steve Atkin)

The eagles were nested on Peche Island for four years and then moved to the east end of the city even though there is development nearby.