Contested Celestial Beacon Project could be moved to new location


City council will decide on a solution to the contested Celestial Beacon Project Monday.

The $7-million project that would house a streetcar from 1918 was slated to begin construction next year on Riverside Drive near Assumption Park.

An LPAT hearing over the height of the structure and the discovery that the land is of cultural significance put the project on hold.

City administration is now recommending the streetcar from the Celestial Beacon be combined with the new Legacy Beacon on Riverside Drive near Caron Avenue, adding an additional $1-million to the $7.4-million project.

Paul Mullins represents Assumption Parish and says he's relieved the city is exploring new options.

"They recognize that Assumption Park is really a historic site and that it would be better for the beacon to be located at a different spot," says Mullins.

He says the land should be used to honour the First Nations that gifted it to the church.

"They contributed in support to the establishment of Assumption Park and Assumption Parrish," he says. "We're very grateful it's being relocated."

Mullins hopes the city's shift in plans means it will support the planned designation.

"We're hoping they will support the parish in our application to have it recognized as part of a national historic site by Parks Canada along with Assumption Church itself," he added.

According to the report, moving the streetcar to the Legacy Beacon will eliminate any contention over the height of its enclosure.

City council gets underway this morning at 10 a.m.