Contract Ratified at Sterling Fuels


Unifor Local 444 has announced workers at Sterling Fuels in Windsor have voted 82.3 per cent in favour of the new three-year contract.

Third Vice President Darryl Desjarlais says the deal includes wage improvements as well as benefit and pension improvements.

Since there were more than 10 people in attendance, the ratification vote was held in a parking lot Tuesday night.

"It was unique, it was different, people looked at me when I suggested it but it was pretty cool, it was neat" says Desjarlais.  "We had the election committee there, she hooked up in the back of her jeep, they came in there and registered and voted right in the back on the jeep.  It was neat.  It went good."      

He says he pleased with the way talks went.

"We didn't reach for the moon," Desjarlais adds.  "Like we understood the pandemic and everything but they understood we had to keep the workers in mind and they worked through the pandemic and never shut down."

There are 17 unionized workers at Sterling Fuels.

The workers fuel ships along the Detroit River throughout the entire year.