Cottam church celebrating American Thanksgiving


With American Thanksgiving around the corner a local church is celebrating in a big way. 

Cottam United Church will be hosting its 75th Annual American Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner next week. (Thursday November 25th) 

Event committee chairperson, Rick Mayea says volunteers are preparing just over 1,300 meals. 

He says this year, 100 per cent of profits will go to beautification projects in the Kingsville area. 

"This year we're giving it all back to community improvement and beautification, long term projects not flowers and stuff like that we're talking about park benches and substantial items that'll last for decades.  All of our meals are going out in shopping bags as opposed to just plastic bags."  

He says after speaking with Kingsville councillor Larry Patterson, they decided it would be best to give back to the community. 

"We have a need for benches in Cottam so we said listen, lets work together on that and see what we can do.  We've been doing it for 75 years so its good to say, here's something back, something more permanent where you can walk by and see that bench was from Cottam United church back in 2021."

He says in addition to proceeds going to the community, some meals will also go to the Downtown Mission.

"Every year we give back to the Downtown Mission, all of our prepared food that was in excess of what we pulled. But this year we are actually designating 200 meals for them, so we're actually preparing on purpose 200 meals to the Downtown Mission."  

The take-out only event will go from 2:30pm until 7pm.

Online orders will be available until 1,200 orders are made or this Tuesday at 8pm. 

To place an order on a meal visit