Council Approves $4.7M Commitment for New Transit Windsor Buses


City council committed $4.7-million towards a grant application to purchase 24 new buses for Transit Windsor Monday.

If the grant application is successful, the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP) would cover the remaining cost of the $17-million purchase.

Transit Windsor's Executive Director Tyson Cragg says the move will replace an aging fleet.

"We have a lot of buses that are well beyond the design life of 12-years for a transit vehicle and this authorization to proceed with the grant application and hopefully the funding we get for that is going to make the Transit Windsor fleet a lot greener and newer than it currently is," he added.

Cragg says there's a plan in place to replace fewer buses if the grant isn't approved, but it likely won't be used.

"These are normally a sure thing. Of course nothing is a sure thing, but in terms of the complexity of this type of purchase, fleet purchases are normally approved without a lot of complexity or questions," says Cragg.

He says more buses will be needed for a planned service expansion that aren't included in the current application.

"Anything related to the Transit Master Plan expansion will be done on a separate report and there will be further information coming before council," he says.

Cragg says the city should hear back on the application by the fall so the buses can be built by early 2022.