Council approves name change for 'Suicide Hill', will now be known as 'Hope Hill'


The hill in east Windsor known as "Suicide Hill" to many now has a new name.

The local chapter of the Canadian Mental Health Association recently held a renaming contest for the hill in Little River Park as the current name could be offensive to some. 

Of close to 1,000 submissions, "Hope Hill" was selected as the winner and city council has officially endorsed the name.

Councillor Kieran McKenzie hopes the new name brings some new positive vibes.

"I think it was a great initiative that was brought forward by the Canadian Mental Health Association in our community to really take note of something that had kind of flown a little bit under the radar, but it's sort of embedded into one of the institutions in the City of Windsor," says McKenzie.  "Very unfortunate name for a positive place."

He says nearly everyone living in the area has been to the hill a time or two. 

"I remember going to that space and I think folks of any age who have lived in this community have had some great experiences there tobogganing down that hill, but at the end of the day is, the name itself reinforces, I think, a very negative thing, and reinforces stigma in the community," he says.

Along with renaming the hill, council also approved spending $1,500 on a new sign.

The CMHA hopes to host an event at the hill in the near future to celebrate the new name.

— with files from AM800's Rob Hindi