Council approves streamlined speed bump request system

CKTB - News - Slow down speed limit

Windsor’s long-awaited speed bump installation policy has been approved. 
City Councillors have agreed to streamline the process for rolling out speed bumps, separating it from the city’s usual traffic-calming policy and allowing for a much simpler method of gauging the need for speed bumps.
Once a speed bump is requested on an eligible road, a survey will be launched for residents and businesses on the road. If 60 percent agree, that’s a green light for installation.
Ward 1 Councillor Fred Francis says residents’ voices are being heard, and surveys will launch very soon.
“They’ll start pretty quick. This is something a lot of us have been hearing for a while. Traffic calming is very important, it certainly is in Ward 1. I’ve heard from my residents, and am certainly trying to deliver what they want as quickly as possible.
Francis says speed bumps are one of the few tried and true methods of controlling speeds.

“Changing a number on a sign is not going to make a difference in my opinion, because people are ignoring the current number on the sign,” he began. “Once you change the physical makeup of a roadway, forcing people to slow down, forcing people to take notice that they need to slow down, that’s going to make an immediate difference.” 
According to Francis and other councillors, there’s been overwhelming support for the new system. 
“What we wanted to do and what we’ve seen is, we wanted to see something that make a difference, and the engagement from the residents of wanting something that makes an immediate, drastic difference in getting people to slow down in their neighbourhoods, that’s what they wanted, and the engagement has been really, really high,” he said. 

Francis also adds, people can call in to 311 and initiate the survey process for their block.

Funding for speed bumps comes from approximately $420,000 of unallocated traffic-calming funding, with each speed bump costing about $7,000 for installation.