Councillor Francis Undergoes Final Chemotherapy Session


Windsor City Councillor Fred Francis had his final chemotherapy session Thursday.

The Ward 1 councillor was diagnosed with Nodular Sclerosis Hodgkin's Lymphoma late in 2018 and has had 12 chemotherapy sessions.

A scan in the past few months has shown positive results and the treatment was working.

He will visit doctors and have another scan in the next couple months to get an update on the treatment, but he is feeling upbeat and positive.

Francis had the support of his brother, former Mayor Eddie Francis, friend Abe Taqtaq and his girlfriend Carolyn at his final session.

After watching his sister-in-law Michelle Prince battle the disease and undergo 80 chemotherapy sessions, he said he had no expectations going into his cancer journey but is relieved the chemotherapy is over.

Francis says the support of family, friends and the community have helped.

"I know a lot of people have it a lot worse so I'm not complaining and I wouldn't complain through this, because I still consider myself to be one of the lucky ones where the prognosis is good and the cancer is treatable."

He admits the accumulative effects of the chemotherapy took its toll.

"Certainly have to apologize for taking a little bit more time to answer phone calls and returning emails, I've tried my best, I've tried to keep up my workload as best as I could."

The message, according to Francis, never give up.

"I know everyone goes through something tough, we all go through tough times, every now and then, don't give up, keep on fighting because you can win, and always have that mind set that things will turn around and they usually work out the way they should, keep on fighting."

Being on the patient side of health care, Francis says it showed him firsthand the need for a new hospital in Windsor-Essex.  He applauds the opening of the new PET/CT scanner which will prevent a trip for him up the 401 for follow-up testing.

Francis maintained his council seat and missed a few meetings due to his treatment.