Councillor wants study considered into water quality issues at two Kingsville beaches


A member of Kingsville Council is concerned about water quality issues at two beaches in the town.

Councillor Laura Lucier wants administration to provide the next town council with background information on the current situation, that way they can decide whether to set aside funding in the 2023 budget for a study on the causes and solutions to the problem.

Lucier points out that the water quality at the public beaches in the town has deteriorated to the point that Lakeside Beach is closed permanently, and nearby Mettawas Beach has not been deemed safe to swim by the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit since May of 2022.

Lucier says the most recent study that could be provided by the Town dated back to 2006-2007.

"It was preliminary study with some recommendations that were never acted on 15 years ago. So what I'm looking for is some information so the next term of council makes some decisions on how they want to proceed, or if they want to proceed," she says.

She suspects there's not one quick, easy answer to the problem but wants to see if there's a way to improve access to the waterfront.

"Those beaches sit in the (Lake Erie) basin, there's limited wave action and that's a potential concern. But I think there's also other potential factors and maybe things that can be done to improve the water quality, potentially allow swimming. If not, at least give the new council the information that they need," she says.

Lucier says she wants administration to bring enough information to the next council so they can decide if they want to allocate funds for a comprehensive study.

"I want the Essex Region Conservation Authority to come and present. They have some information, they have been doing some water quality sampling," she says. "ERCA can present to the new council and this administration can provide some updates as to what has been done in regards to the 2007 study, what the next steps would be."

The Ontario municipal elections are set for Monday, Oct. 24.


with files from Rob Hindi