County Council Meetings Now Online


Essex County Council is joining several local municipalities and organizations in live streaming its meetings online.

County Warden Gary McNamara says improving accessibility for residents is always priority one. 

He says it'll make community engagement much easier.

"That's the whole key to this, to make sure that we can access more of our citizens. We want to be open. We want to be transparent," he says. "They're the employer, they're paying the bills and this is certainly an opportunity for them to be able to weigh in and listen to the meetings themselves."

He says residents have been asking for live-streaming as some of the lower tier municipalities are already doing it.

"I could see a real general interest around budget time and so forth so they could see exactly what is happening in their municipality. Who knows? It might encourage them to say, Maybe I'll attend in person."


Your TV will continue to broadcast the meetings, but if you don't have cable, proceedings can be watched on the county's website.

The cost to live stream comes in at just under $10,000 per year.