COVID-19 Test Recommended for Begley Public School Staff and Students


Windsor Regional Hospital has set up dedicated COVID-19 testing at the Met Campus for staff and students from Begley Elementary School. 

"Students and staff of Begley School will be able to walk in," says Windsor-Essex County Health Unit CEO Theresa Marentette.  "The COVID-19 Assessment Centre is located in the emergency department parking lot at the Met Campus.  It will be open today from noon until 7pm and Thursday and Friday from 7am until 7pm."  

She says the health unit is recommending staff and students get tested and to self monitor for symptoms.

This comes after an outbreak was declared at the school after three staff members tested positive for COVID-19.

Marentette says staff and students are being asked to isolate for 14 days but it's unknown how long the outbreak will be in place for.

"We will be monitoring and managing the outbreak but it could be 14 days, it could be longer based on Dr. Ahmed, will be the one that rescinds the outbreak but it really will be based on any further transmission and any of the high risk contacts becoming actual cases," says Marentette.          

She says students at the school are considered "high risk" not their parents.

"The one question we continue to get is, if I'm the parent - am I at risk," says Marentette.  "So the parent is not at risk, they're a contact of a contact so the children would be deemed high risk contact that's why they're asked to isolate and self monitor their symptoms.    

The Assessment Centre at the Met Campus is open from 12pm until 7pm Wednesday and from 7am until 7pm Thursday and Friday.

The public elementary school at 1093 Assumption Street is closed.

There are 430 people who work or attend the school.