Coyote Meeting in LaSalle Set with the Ministry


A date has been announced for a public meeting in LaSalle dealing with coyote activity in the municipality.

Town CAO Joe Milicia says the meeting will take place on October 17th and officials with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry will be in attendance.

Milicia says the ministry will also be joined by representatives from Coyote Watch Canada, the Windsor Essex County Humane Society and LaSalle police.

"This meeting came at the request of council that we invite officials from the ministry to come down and discuss with rate payers and residents some of the issues and concerns that they have brought forward with respect to our coyote population here in LaSalle," says Milicia.      

There have been a couple of coyote attacks in LaSalle since June.

Milcia says no formal presentation will be made and it will be more of an open house.

"Where people can come in and talk directly with some of the ministry officials and other stakeholders to ensure that they get the information that they're looking for and in particular perhaps talk about some of the remedies that they may or may not be able to take with respect to some of the coyote activity here in LaSalle," says Milicia.         

He says it's tough to predict how many residents will come out for the meeting.

"We did have a session like this a number of years ago and we had some relatively good turnout at that point," says Milicia.  "If I remember correctly, we had somewhere in the range of 50 or 60 residents come in and take in the session at that point in time.  I would expect that we would have something similar this time as well."    

One dog was attacked and killed by a coyote in the Bouffard Road area.

There was another attack in the Bouffard Road area which resulted in a dog losing its eye.

The meeting takes place from 6pm until 8pm inside council chambers on Malden Road.