Cramdon's asking patrons not to take out frustrations on staff


Ontario's vaccine passport system has now been in effect in the province for a couple of days.

Local establishment's impacted by the new system have been learning on the fly, and one bar tried to get out in front of any backlash by releasing a Facebook post earlier this week explaining their stance.

Kristian Neill, General Manager of Cramdon's Tap and Eatery, says they value everyone's opinion and will do what they can to not discriminate, but rules are rules.

"It's very simply that this isn't our decision that we've made, these are mandates and rules that have been placed upon us and like anything else we abide by those in order to keep our business license, our liquor license, and we have 40 employees that we take care of and their families as well that are dependent on the income," says Neill.

Neill says anyone trying to get inside will have to comply with the rules, but they will be keeping their patio open as long as they can and offer takeout to unvaccinated guests.

He says they understand this is an emotionally charged issue, but they'd like anyone who's frustrated with the situation to not take it out of their staff.

"Sometimes it's warranted and other times it's not, in this instance we feel it's not at all. It's not up to them, they're just doing their job to the best of their ability," says Neill "It's like if you were under the age of 19 coming to a bar to drink, the simple fact of the matter is if you are not 19 at that time then we cannot serve you."

For regulars and long time customers, Cramdon's is offering a way around having to show the same documents over and over again.

Neill says they'll be offering a vax pass after you show proof of vaccination and ID once.

"Just through us stating that you have shown your ID, we have approved it and verified it, we initial it and then you just have to show that everytime you come in as opposed to trying to find all the different pieces of identification to make everyone happy," he says.

Neill adds they're appreciative of people's patience, and hope as a collective community they can rise above these issues and quicken the return to normal.


With files from Rob Hindi