Crown and Defence Far Apart in Sentence Submissions


The defence and crown are far apart in sentencing submissions for a Windsor man found guilty of manslaughter.

The defence for 37-year-old Dia Hanan is asking for a sentence of six to ten years in prison, while the crown is seeking 17 years.

Following a trial in November 2019, Hanan was found guilty of manslaughter and two weapons-related offences in a fatal shooting on Oak St. in December 2015.

Alekesji Guzhavin died and another man was shot but survived.

A sentencing hearing for Hanan wrapped up in Superior Court Tuesday morning before Justice Kirk Munroe.

For his part, Hanan is maintaining that he acted in self defence when the two men—one of whom had been charged with attempted murder—showed up at his home looking for money. 

Hanan fired nine shots.

According to CTV Windsor, Hanan stood in court Tuesday morning and told the judge, "If I'm wrong for saving my life and protecting my family, especially my children — so be it."

"My actions were lawful," said Hanan.

Outside of Superior Court on Tuesday, defence lawyer Christopher Uwagboe says Hanan is worried about his reputation in the community and with his family.

"What his children will hear of this and what people will say about him as they grow up weighs heavily on him," says Uwagboe. "He's someone who takes his family very seriously, he cares for them deeply."

Hanan is not a Canadian citizen and faces deportation because of the sentence which concerns Hanan according to Uwagboe.

"If he gets deported, he is not going to see his family and that's what I think, weighs heavily on him."

Hanan has three children ages 6, 5 and 2.

Justice Kirk Munroe will hand down his sentence March 2 at 2pm.