Crown Seeks Prison Terms for Former Violin Teacher Guilty of Sexual Assault


CHATHAM — Sentencing submissions are underway in a Chatham-Kent courtroom for a former violin teacher found guilty of dozens of sex-related offences.

After a trial, Claude Trachy, 73,  was originally found not guilty, but the crown appealed and the Ontario Court of Appeal reversed the decision so Tracy was then convicted of 28 counts of sexual assault and indecent assault against 20 victims.

The case then moved into the sentencing phase which began Monday morning.

According to CTV Windsor, Assistant Crown Lisa Defoe is asking for a five year prison term while the defence is seeking a suspended sentence and probation for three years saying Trachy is a good candidate for community supervision because he doesn't pose a public safety threat.

During the trial, Court heard the young girls, in their early teens were taking violin lessons with Trachy from 1971 to 1993.

He testified the shoulder rests were helpful for his students and he would measure their bodies to get a proper fit having the female students undo their blouses and remove their bra.

In some cases, he would ask them to play 'disrobed' to make sure there was a proper fit. 

He denied there was any sexual intent and did not get sexual gratification.