CTS site location notice of motion put on hold for two weeks

AM800-News-101 Wyandotte Street East

Windsor City Council has decided to put a motion on hold for two weeks. 

Ward 3 councillor, Renaldo Agostino, was expected to introduce a motion to council to reconsider the location for the proposed Consumption and Treatment Services site.

The proposed site is at 101 Wyandotte Street East, near the Canadian entry point of the Windsor-Detroit Tunnel.

Since Agostino expressed that he would be putting the motion forward, numerous people across the city have spoken out on whether or not they believe the site should remain at the proposed location, or for a new location to be considered.

Ward 2 councillor, Fabio Costante, ward 9 councillor, Kieran McKenzie, and ward 10 councillor, Jim Morrison, are opposed to a change in the proposed location.

While others, including businesses in the area of the proposed site, want a new location. 

During Monday's meeting, Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens announced that a compromise has been made, and that councillor Agostino will not be bringing forward a motion during Monday's meeting. 

Dilkens says Agostino will be presenting a new notice of motion during the next meeting in two weeks, and a meeting with the Health Unit Board will be held during that time to help gather more information for the motion that Agostino is looking to present.