Danielle Campo McLeod showing positive signs in her recovery

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Former paralympic swimmer Danielle Campo McLeod remains in a London hospital in critical condition but her mother says they are seeing some positive signs in her recovery.

Colleen Campo says they're not out of the woods yet, but the doctors described her recovery like going up a hill and she's on a positive incline.

"The best way the doctor explained it to us is that she's like going up a hill. Most of the cases go sideways, sideways, sideways, up a little, sideways. But he says hers is a complete positive incline," she says.

Campo McLeod underwent a C-section at Windsor Regional Hospital on Aug. 17 for the birth of her third child, but there were complications following the delivery and the 36-year-old suffered a bowel obstruction that required three surgeries.

The Tecumseh native was then taken to London on Sept. 12 for another surgery after developing an infection.

Campo says Danielle is a fighter.

"When Danielle used to swim, I used to yell before she'd swim and I did this every race, was swim hard. I keep saying to her ' honey, you got to swim hard, you got to hit that wall. You got to hit that wall because when you hit that wall, your three kids and your husband are going to be there waiting,'" she says.

In a twist to this story, Campo is not able to be by Danielle's side right now because she's in a hotel room recovering from emergency gallbladder surgery shortly after arriving in London.

"I thought I was going just into emergency to deal with this gallbladder attack, maybe some pain killers. Nope, they said 'you're going into surgery right now.' So I just had gallbladder surgery here," she says.

A GoFundMe page has been established to help the family with expenses during her recovery. As of 11 a.m. on Sept. 17, $79,685 has been donated to the Danielle Campo McLeod's Recovery Fund.

Campo McLeod was born with muscular dystrophy and went on to complete in a number of international swimming events including the Paralympic Games. She's also a member of the Windsor-Essex County Sports Hall of Fame.