Deadline Change for GECDSB Learning Model Decisions


The Greater Essex County District School Board (GECDSB) wants you to start thinking about whether or not you're happy with your child's learning model.

Parents have from October 14-19 to decide whether or not they like their child learning in-class or virtually, at home.

Superintendent of Education Chris Mills says parents will be asked to make their declaration on the board's website.

"There will be a form on the website where they can fill in a request for change should they be looking to change the model of learning for their child," he says. "Should they be happy with them model that they're currently in, there is no action required by the parent."

Mills says parents can expect to hear from the board over the next week or so with a reminder.

"We'll be sending out school messenger messages, a phone message will come out, the information will be posted on our website, so we’ll be trying to give as much information as possible leading up to this change."

Looking ahead, Mills says it's hard to say if there will be a lot of people requesting a change.

"We've had some requests come to us for parents that are in virtual that would like their child to go back in the classroom," he says. "They've seen the students in their local neighbourhoods going to school every day and they want their child to be part of that and go back to in-person [learning], and we’ve also had requests going the other way where parents would like their child to go into virtual."

If a parent or guardian submits to change a student's learning model, the changes will take effect November 9 in elementary schools and November 12 in secondary schools.

Another opportunity will be provided to parents / guardians to change the learning model for this school year in January 2021.